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Wooter has been the leader in sports for the past 4 years delivering the most powerful technology and software to take your organization to the next level. Wooter also empowers teams and athletes around the world by offering the best sublimated uniforms and apparel. Now we're taking our experience and leveraging our dominance in the industry to offer the best rates on sports insurance to all of our clients.


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One thing we noticed is how dishonest the insurance industry is. We give you clear pricing right from the beginning so you know exactly what you pay! Save time and know the best coverage for you.

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We run our own leagues and know the headaches that come with managing everything from pre-season to championship. We've done it all...  Now our job is to help you run your own sports organizations.

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All organizations covered by Wooter Sports Insurance will get 15% off our custom team uniforms and apparel. We've never given out discounts before and this offer won't last long!

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Accidents Happen

You can’t stop accidents from happen, but you can be prepared. Organizers are responsible for the well-being of the participants, coaches, officials and spectators. Buying sports insurance is one way to ensure that in the event that accidents do happen there will be financial coverage for the victim and the organization.


We take the stress out of running your league or team by making sure you're always covered... just in case.

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Our team works with all types of sports organizations, big and small. We've worked with the top athletes, teams and coaches from all over the world. See what they've said about Wooter: